Lecturers & contributors

The ANZI faculty members are drawn from the academia, the professions and industry experts with commercial and management experiences. This combination of knowledge, industry experiences and professional expertise is recreated for work- based learning and skills development.

Our current faculty members of various disciplines and expertise are as follows:

Department of Accounting and Audit
• Lee Hin Kan CPA CA(M)
• Jessica Hong CPA CA(M)
• Siem Monileak MBA
• Mike Ng FAIA PNA (Aust)
• Dr. Federick Johannson DBA CPA
• Dr. George Y. Bailey MA PhD.

Department of Banking and Financial Services
• Dr. Josef Eby Ruin PhD. MBA FCCA
• Arnold Kwan FCCA
• Dr. Manothran FCMA
• Lim Guan Chye B Econ. MBA
• Tom Hopkins MA MBA
• Craig W. Roberts CFA, CPA

Department of Financial Management
• Lee Hin Kan CPA CA(M)
• Selaraj Muthurajah B Acc.
• Henry Lim FCCA
• Dr. Steven Lee PhD. FCMA
• Dr. Howard Rickardson CPA DBA

Department of Sales and Marketing
• Rakesh Roushan MBA
• Jeffery Chang B Ec. MBA
• Lawrence Yong MBA
• Chan Kok Heng MBA
• Peter Becker PhD. Msc.
• Mary Atkinson BBA, MBA

Department of General Management
• Thomas Lai MBA
• Calvin Tay BBA Ba-Psych
• Soth Vantouch PhD MBA
• Muralee Darren LLB. MHRM
• Dr. Jane Roma B Bus. MBA PhD.
• Alex Nope BSc. MSc.
• Joe Santinini BA BSc.

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