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Social And Business Sustainability, By Mr. Tay Kay Luan, Vice Chancellor, International University Of Malaysia Wales.

The book on perspectives on Social and Business Sustainability gives the reader a view of how organizations relates its responsibilities and obligations to society, environment and people. It gives readers the opportunity to understand better the relationship between business values and the society’s expectations. This includes a description and assessment of business of what and how business articulate their thoughts and actions on key elements of sustainability, and how they see these as a competitive edge by taking ethics and responsibility to the fore front, and the challenges in ensuring a balance between business and social needs. The book puts these in the context of the variety of sectoral issues. The book enables readers to make connections on the impacts and implications of what business produces and effects of consumption life and the environment. The author believes that the book is relevant to those who want easy reference on putting ethical perspectives of social and business sustainability and its impacts on economics, environment and society.

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FINANCIAL INTELLIGENCE, by Kenny Tay FCCA FCMA CGMA, Chief Executive, ANZ Institute

Finance and accounting have always been a complex and perplexing subject to many people. That is the main reason for the endless list of books on finance, and on how to read financial reports. In fact, many people prefer to leave finance and accounting matters to their accountants, finance partners or investment advisors. However, in business and for investment purposes, finance is just too important to be left to others while the key stakeholders stay on the side lines.

Financial intelligence is about the ability and capacity to understand financial relationships between economic events and the measurements of their outcome. Without the capacity to understand the financial relationships and outcome of business activities, the business executives and investors will always remain perplex and indecisive, and possibly fearful of making wrong decisions.

This book is another contribution to demystify finance and hopefully help some of the readers develop ‘Financial Intelligence’ for his or her daily work or investment activities. As ‘Financial Intelligence’ is limitless, this book covers only the common aspects of business and investment activities. In time, the reader will undoubtedly acquire further’ Financial Intelligence’.

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Critical Financial Review, by Kenny Tay FCCA FCMA CGMA

This book is about understanding financial information that every one of us receives from time to time in the course of our work or business, or as investors in corporate securities such as shares and bonds. Financial information about a company and its activities is necessary for us to make judgment and decisions regarding financing, investments and take appropriate management actions or investment decisions. In particular it is written to complement the available knowledge of credit executives with limited accounting experiences or study and who have credit and lending responsibilities

The author acknowledges that many books have already been written on this subject matter or that related to it. This book is an additional contribution to serve some readers who may want an alternative perspective, and it is particularly directed at the readers and users of financial statements who are non – accountants or those with limited financial knowledge and analytical experience. Hopefully the first -time reader on the subject will be well served by this book before further advanced reading.

There is minimum academic treatment here in this publication because the subject of finance and financial information already has abundance of existing literature from academic institutions and research houses. At the same time the focus is on the application of the understanding of financial information and its relationships between the company and its environment including internal management practices. For the readers and users of financial statements who wish to seek further understanding and conceptual analysis, the author is sure that they will find some very good publications that are widely available.

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Corporate And Business Lending By Kenny Tay Fcca Fcma Cgma

This book is intended to be complementary to many others already written on this subject of Credit and Lending. Credit is a business discipline that requires numerate skills, creative thinking and critical analysis. A successful business lending manager in a bank or financial institution is a person who possesses these attributes, some of these acquired over the years and with experiences in the field. Knowledge alone may not be enough without these skills.

Lending is an art and has its creative element in every aspect of the business lending process, from risk analysis, to financial assessment, to loan structuring, to detecting and anticipation of warning signals. The various chapters herein form a framework for the introduction of basic ideas on the lending process and sets the backdrop for future discussions on best banking practices. Hopefully, the content here can stimulate thinking and develop critical analyses using the ideas and issues discussed herein for banking officers with credit and lending responsibilities.

Some ideas and issues are already well - known and well-discussed elsewhere, while others remain subjective and contentious. At the very end, it is intended that this book would contribute to the understanding of business lending and to the lively debate of what would be better lending practices to minimize non-performing loans and the improvement of loan quality at the bank or a financial institution.

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