Corporate Training

Updated knowledge and skills together are the keys for the individual to stay relevant in this highly competitive and technologically driven modern age. It is the continuous process where old theories are replaced by the new due to the advancement of technology and changing markets. The corporate world is dynamic and vast and it requires a new perspective of learning and skills acquisition to fit into this changing corporate environment.

The intensity of competition and rising consumer expectations drives corporations into uncharted territories which include the adoption of new business concepts and the use of technologies such as artificial intelligence and block chains. This in turns demand higher order skills and knowledge beyond conventional education and training acquired decades ago. These corporations need to reset their productivity levels, investments and human capital. A review of the human capital stock in the organization now is timely to assure the organization of continuing competitiveness.

ANZ Institute provides organizations with solutions to develop and enhance their human capital and would operate as a strategic partner to re-skill and up-skills their employees in an age of digitalization and e-commerce, and preparing for the impact of Industry 4.0. These include corporate training modules that enhance decision making capabilities of executive employees through to shaping attitudes for managerial responsibilities and customer management. These can be custom - designed as well as generic learning modules designed to address common workplace issues.

ANZ Institutes offers e-learning solutions to organizations with large and dispersed workforce, and with the benefits of consistency, workplace relevance, and at an economic investment. The various solutions include customized learning content design, implementation of inhouse learning management systems, and learning subscription for mass learning access. In addition, the ANZ Institute skills learning courses include assessment of learning attainment with a certificate of accomplishment as evidence of learning attainment.

Other human capital development solutions include the conventional seminar and workshop training events which are available upon request and they can be customized or generic courses.

The ANZ Institute assures every client organization of a long-term professional relationship that creates value and where it serves the organization’s human capital development partner. That commitment assures the mutual sustainability and progress of the client organization and the ANZ Institute.