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  • Add new knowledge and help you build ideas and skills to be an effective manager in your business or organization.

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4 Lessons 00:35:29 Hours
Work Planning and Control - Individual : Study material
4 Lessons 00:35:29 Hours
  • Part 2 - Project Work Understanding 00:09:31
  • Part 3 - Project Work Execution and Control 00:05:59
  • Part 4 : Tools for Progress Feedback 00:13:07
  • Part 1 - Introduction to Project Based Work 00:06:52
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Welcome to our programme, PROJECT WORK PLANNING AND CONTROL. This programme provides you with the learning on planning, organizing and execution of work activities which is required in every day business operations.

Work activities often require planning, receiving and giving instructions and supervision of work schedules to achieve work goals, business objectives and meeting deadlines of top management, or of our customers. Effective work management is a key to personal success both at work and in business. Many people associate Project Management with construction and engineering works. Project Management is really about organizing work to be done efficiently with a given time and budget. This is crucial for big projects which are complex, complicated and expensive. As a result a body of knowledge has been developed to manage some of these expensive and large projects. In this course, we adopt some of the main ideas of engineering project management, and a good practices to be incorporated into managing our work assignments and specialized activities in the non construction environment. The replacement of the computer system with a new one within two weeks, and establishing a new branch office with a budget of $50000, are actually individual projects by themselves, only they are less complex.
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