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  • Certificate in Accounting Administration ANZ Institute Faculty -
    This course is designed for the learner to acquire practical knowledge on bookkeeping and accounting with the ability to maintain a set of accounting records for audit and financial reporting. Accounting and bookkeeping are a key part of the administration of a business and the possession of this knowledge and ability to perform accounting duties would enable the learner to perform the role as an effective office administrator or an accounting officer.
    11 Lessons 00:58:10 Hours English
    4 Ratings
  • Certificate in Credit & Lending for Bankers ANZ Institute Faculty -
    The Certificate course in Credit and Lending at ANZ Institute, is an introductory course for new banking staff who are preparing for credit and lending roles in the bank or financial institution. This course provides a firm background for the learner and serves as a foundation for developing further credit skills such as skills in SME Lending described earlier.
    6 Lessons 00:49:33 Hours English
    1 Ratings
  • Certificate in Business Finance ANZ Institute Faculty -
    The Certificate in Business Finance is an introduction to finance for corporate managers who have frontline market and business responsibilities. The content has been designed to provide a broad coverage of common financial issues such as profit, pricing and return on investments, business liquidity and market valuation of assets and businesses. It sets the platform for further learning and understanding other more complex issues.
    9 Lessons 01:01:59 Hours English
    0 Ratings