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What Will I Achieve?
  • To acquire working knowledge of business finance to communicate effectively ·
  • To understand the framework and basic procedures for evaluating company financial performances ·
  • To formulate financial policies and performance requirements
  • To understand the financial market and investment valuation.

Curriculum For This Course
9 Lessons 01:01:59 Hours
Certificate in Business Finance : Study Material
9 Lessons 01:01:59 Hours
  • Business Finance -Part 1a & Introduction 00:06:56
  • BusinessFinance Part 1b 00:10:58
  • BusinessFinance Part 1c 00:07:10
  • BusinessFinance Part 2 00:08:52
  • BusinessFinance Part 3a 00:08:12
  • BusinessFinance Part 3b 00:09:51
  • Business Finance Part 4 00:08:34
  • Business Finance - Review 00:01:26
  • ANZI - Certificate in Business Finance - v1.0
  • Upon completion participants would be able to understand the various aspects Business finance and able to communicate with their financial colleagues
  • This will also assist them in reviewing the performances of their departments, business units or projects.
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The Certificate in Business Finance is an introduction to finance for corporate managers who have frontline market and business responsibilities. The content has been designed to provide a broad coverage of common financial issues such as profit, pricing and return on investments, business liquidity and market valuation of assets and businesses. It sets the platform for further learning and understanding other more complex issues.

In every encounter with customers, suppliers and business partners, the learner needs to be aware and familiar with these common issues in order to participate in the discussions and may decision that comes out of them.

The financial staff may be available to assist but a personal understanding of the elements of business finance is a crucial self-empowerment. Without this personal empowerment, the business manager would appear indecisive and inadequate, and sometimes this may lead to poor decision making.

In our contemporary environment financial understanding of business is a crucial requirement in corporate life and for a successful executive career.

Target Audience :-
Business executives and business owners who need to have basic understanding of  typical business finance issues that occur in their day to day commercial activities.

Delivery Method :-
Self-paced online learning through the ANZI learning management system (6 months).

Online assessment :-
Certificate of attainment awarded for achieving satisfactory score.
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