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What Will I Achieve?
  • To acquire an understanding of financial responsibility at leadership levels
  • To recognize finance as a limited resource for achieving organizational goals
  • To understand how to set financial policies and goals for operating units
  • To appreciate corporate governance and financial controls over the operating units.

Curriculum For This Course
7 Lessons 01:06:03 Hours
Certificate in Finance for Leadership Roles : Study Material
7 Lessons 01:06:03 Hours
  • Finance for Leadership Roles - Chapter 1 00:10:55
  • Finance for Leadership Roles- Chapter 2 00:15:33
  • Finance for Leadership Roles- Chapter 3 00:13:42
  • Finance for Leadership Roles- Chapter 4 00:14:43
  • Finance for Leadership Roles- Chapter 5 00:10:19
  • Financefor Leadership Roles - Review 00:00:51
  • Finance for Leadership Roles - v1.0
  • Understanding basic English and allocation of 1 - 2 hours a day for learning and self - testing
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Organizations are managed by managers at all levels across different functions and operating processes. Financial resources are then allocated and these managers make the decisions on how they are deployed for the most effective outcome at work. Managers operate with their team members, colleagues and subordinates. While they may not be accountants, all of them have some form of accountability over budgets and how the allocated resources are used.

At the end of it, each manager will have to explain the use of such resources and the achievements coming out of their use.   Therefore, we need to recognize that all spending decisions are in the hands of the leader manager, and not the accountant or the finance manager. The finance manager and CEO may approve the budget but the effective use and achieving the ROI is with the manager.

At the leadership level, the manager is assisted by the subordinates and colleagues who consume most of these resources through budget allocation, equipment and manpower. An understanding of the return on investment and the issues of financial control and efficiency are essential as an effective leader of the team that manages limited financial resources. 

A leader is looked upon with high esteem and is placed with confidence and trust of his or her capabilities by the top management. The confidence and trust encompass the capability to make good financial judgement as well. Hence a working knowledge of finance for leadership roles is as necessary as any other executive skills.

What am I going to get from this course?
Self-paced online learning through the ANZI learning management system for six months with ongoing self - assessment of knowledge acquisition.

Upon completion
Upon satisfactory completion of the assessment and examination, the certificate holder will have acquired a working knowledge of senior finance issues relating to the organization. This also helps develop an understanding of financial issues and control by those senior managers and leaders from various technical disciplines such as engineering, ICT, law, and marketing.


  • Review questions to check learning progress
  • Online assessment upon course completion
  • Certificate of learning awarded for achieving a satisfactory score.
Recommended for
  • Senior managers and heads of operating units from non financial background.
  • Senior managers who have budget responsibilities or in charge of cost or profit centers.
  • Managers with non - finance disciplines and with cost profit responsibilities

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