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What Will I Achieve?
  • To acquire an understanding of the financial system and the capital market activities
  • Develop familiarity with capital market instruments and their valuation practices
  • Understand the long term fund raising methods in the capital markets, and
  • Develop an awareness of the key regulations governing capital market activities
  • Self-paced online learning through the ANZI learning management system for six months with ongoing self - assessment of knowledge acquisition.
  • Upon satisfactory completion of the assessment and examination, the certificate holder will have acquire a working knowledge of the capital market system and general corporate finance activities.
  • This also very helpful as a foundation for corporate finance executives and financial officers to develop their financial market knowledge and skills for career progression in the commercial environment or for investment banking employment opportunities.

Curriculum For This Course
18 Lessons 02:50:34 Hours
Certificate in Capital Market Practice : Study Material
18 Lessons 02:50:34 Hours
  • Introduction Part 1 00:07:18
  • Part 2 - Money Markets 00:12:55
  • Part 3 - Capital Markets 00:07:23
  • Part 4 - Derivatives Market 00:09:22
  • Part 5i - Capital Market Instruments 1 00:10:52
  • Part 5ii - Capital Market Instruments 2 00:13:51
  • Part 6 - Methods of Raising Capital 00:09:36
  • Part 7 - Valuation of Equities 00:13:49
  • Part 8 - Valuation of Bonds 00:08:22
  • Part 9 - Yields 00:05:22
  • Part 10 - Accounting Practice 00:04:27
  • Part 11 - The Securities Exchange 00:08:03
  • Part 12 - Equity and Debt Listing Rules 00:08:23
  • Part 13 - Securities Market Regulations 00:17:45
  • Part 14 - Code of Takeovers and Mergers 00:18:28
  • Part 15 - Corporate Governance and Ethics 00:11:32
  • Answers to Review Questions 00:03:06
  • Certificate in Capital Market Practice
  • Understanding basic English and allocation of 1 - 2 hours a day for learning and self - testing
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The term ‘capital market’ refers to the market environment where corporations raise capital and funding to fuel their growth and business strategies. Capital market activities are regulated by the securities exchange, and securities laws of each country and there are important financial issues to be understood before organizing capital or fund - raising activities for these expanding corporations.

This specially designed program is to develop a working knowledge of corporate finance for executives in the finance departments of large companies, investment banks and those working in the securities industry. The working knowledge gained here facilitate the learner’s entry into the investment banking industry, and also serves as a platform for further learning which may lead to professional certification and licensing.

Among the key issues to learn and understand in this program include financial statement analysis, valuation of shares, bond pricing and regulations on mergers and acquisitions. The program is specially recommended for commercial banking officers, insurance industry executives as well as accounting staff with an interest in investment banking work. Other interested learners may include executives seeking a career change.

The study on this program will complete with a knowledge assessment at the end and a certificate of completion will be issued upon achieving a satisfactory score. This certificate is an evidence of learning achievement and does not indicate any professional capacity of the holder nor does it serve as an entry requirement for any professional or university courses.
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