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Author: ANZI, Published: May 22, 2020
It is estimated that the population of the world would be around 8 billion in the near future with the majority of the people under the age of 30 years. Insufficient employment opportunities due to slower economic growth, coupled with worldwide adoption of new technologies and artificial intelligence, the competition for employment and executive careers will undoubtedly accelerate in intensity. This has sprouted a culture of entrepreneurship as an alternative to organizational life-long employment. This culture of entrepreneurship is permeating all segments of today’s global society.

The risk of redundancy and declining employment prospects across the world has steered many of the younger people into seeking economic independence by self - employment and entrepreneurial adventure. Older employees are also increasingly facing the risk of retrenchment as downsizing is expected in all industries from manufacturing to financial services and to retailing. With uncertain reemployment prospects many of these future redundant employees would have to seek the alternative economic solution: self - employment or entrepreneurship. The entrepreneurship culture has also been accelerated by the worldwide web with new technologies and new business approaches.

At ANZ Institute we take cognizance of the changing trends across the world and we are dedicated to the preservation of the economic well-being of the individuals, their families and their communities, through re-skilling including entrepreneurial development for individuals to prepare them for a life outside mainstream employment. In this respect we are prepared to cooperate and work with governments, government agencies and social advancement organizations to help reduce some of the difficulties and stress that the unfortunate segments of our global society are now facing.

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