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ANZ institute LMS help you master the skills employers are looking for and highlight your accomplishments with certificates you'll be proud to share.


With flexible start dates, adjustable due dates, and easy to use mobile apps, you can learn when and where you want.


We have created an intuitive learning experience designed to help you master real-world skills that you can start applying towards your career right away.

How it Works

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    Learning offline, online and anytime

    Each course is specially designed and written to address work situations and problem solving. It features pre – recorded videos, end of section quizzes to stimulate recall, and test questions at the end of the course to assess learning achievement. There is flexibility to learn anytime.

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    Learning support and assistance

    The learners also have access to other learners, subject matter experts and training resources and a common forum for exchange of learning and sharing.

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    Convenient and applicable to work earning

    Learning at ANZ Institute is designed to enable quick learning, convenient to learning and that the learning is applicable to every work environment.

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    Latest market trends and employer expectations

    The business environment is constantly changing with new knowledge and skills required for businesses to stay competitive. At ANZ Institute the courses are designed with the current trends and expectation of employers. This make the ANZ Institute courses different from most of the others.

For Business

Expertise and flexibility are keys to your business solutions and here we provide organizations with a variety of options for developing work skills and human capital training in organizations such as yours.

For Education

The organization and its employees must be engaged in lifelong learning in a constantly changing world. New knowledge, business innovation and technology are being adopted by businesses and governments. Without this lifelong learning, both the individual and the organization will fall behind the competitors.

For Individuals

Individuals seeking work opportunities, career advancement or wishing to develop entrepreneurial skills, will find learning at ANZ Institute a rewarding experience which will add value to his or her human capital for the marketplace. Self–empowerment through learning and skills development is a personal insurance for economic independence.