Certificate in Capital Market Practice

# Certificate in Capital Market Practice

Course Content

1. Financial market structure 
• The national economy
• Business growth and funding 
2. Capital market fund raising
• Capital market instruments
• Methods of raising finance ·         
3. Valuation of securities 
• Methods of securities valuation 
• Accounting impact on valuation
4. The Securities Exchange and its operations 
• Structure of the exchange and its components 
• Company listing requirements ·         
5. Securities regulations for capital market activities
• Company regulations 
• Securities market conduct
• Mergers, acquisitions and takeovers – MAT ·         
• Common rules and practices for MAT

Course Description

This course is designed to provide a framework on the study of the capital market of a typical economy. The course is designed for financial executives in financial institutions as well as in large corporations with corporate and financial strategy responsibilities.
As corporations grow, the financial needs increase and funding them becomes complex. The funding for a larger corporation may then extend beyond the usual banks and the banking markets into the capital market system. The course objectives have these issues in mind so that all learners are introduced the capital market and its roles and how it operates. The participants will learn a set of practice principles and applied ideas for adaptation in their operating environment.

Course requirement
Understanding basic English and allocation of 1 - 2 hours a day for learning and self - testing
Learning Objectives
• To acquire an understanding of the financial system and the capital market activities
• Develop familiarity with capital market instruments and their valuation practices
• Understand the long term fund raising methods  in the capital markets, and
• Develop an awareness of the key regulations governing capital market activities
What am I going to get from this course?
Self-paced online learning through the ANZI learning management system for six months with ongoing self - assessment of knowledge acquisition.

Upon completion
Upon satisfactory completion of the assessment and examination, the certificate holder will have acquire a working knowledge of the capital market system and general corporate finance activities. This also very helpful as a foundation for corporate finance executives and financial officers to develop their financial market knowledge and skills for career progression in the commercial environment or for investment banking employment opportunities.

• Review questions to check learning progress
• Online assessment upon course completion
• Certificate of learning awarded for achieving a satisfactory score

Recommended for
• New graduates seeking work roles in the capital markets and securities industry
• Corporate finance executives working in investment banking institutions who need to develop a broad understanding of the capital markets
• Executives in the accounting and finance environment  who want to enhance their knowledge and financial skills at work.


  • SECTION 1 :
    Certificate in Capital Market Practice
  • 1.1
    Introduction & Part 1 
  • 1.2
    Part 2 - Money Markets 
  • 1.3
    Part 3 - Capital Markets 
  • 1.4
    Part 4 - Derivatives Market 
  • 1.5
    Part 5i - Capital Market Instruments 1 
  • 1.6
    Part 5ii - Capital Market Instruments 2 
  • 1.7
    Part 6 - Methods of Raising Capital 
  • 1.8
    Part 7 - Valuation of Equities 
  • 1.9
    Part 8 - Valuation of Bonds 
  • 1.10
    Part 9 - Yields 
  • 1.11
    Part 10 - Accounting Practice 
  • 1.12
    Part 11 - The Securities Exchange 
  • 1.13
    Part 12 - Equity and Debt Listing Rules 
  • 1.14
    Part 13 - Securities Market Regulations 
  • 1.15
    Part 14 - Code of Takeovers and Mergers 
  • 1.16
    Part 15 - Corporate Governance and Ethics 
  • 1.17
    Answers to Review Questions 
  • 1.18
    Certificate in Capital Market Practice
  • MCQ Exams
  • 1
    Certificate in Capital Market Practice Proceed

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