Certificate in Business Finance

# Certificate in Business Finance

Course Content

•   Financial architecture of a corporation and its business

  • Business financing requirements
  • Financing structure of the corporation
  • Financial risks in business
•   Profitability of a company and its business
  • Profit margins of the business
  • Return on investment
  • Cost of capital of the corporation
  • Long term investments
•   Market valuation of companies
  • Corporate valuation and its drivers
  • Methods of company valuation

Course Description

This program is specially designed as a short course in practical finance for business owners and business managers from non – accounting or non – finance disciplines. The program addresses the major issues of interest in everyday management of the company and its business and is essential for these managers and business owners to have a good grasp of them in their management discussions and in their business negotiations with clients. Matters that are recurrent for the company include business profitability, company investment decisions, financial risks and valuation of businesses and company shares. These issues are treated in the course in preparation for better decision making.   Business executives and owners often have to deal with raising finance, business profitability and pricing, and investment decisions.

These executives are those who have to meet banks, customers and suppliers and have to conduct discussions, meetings and trade negotiations that may involve money matters. 

Course requirement
Upon completion participants would be able to understand the various aspects Business finance and able to communicate with their financial colleagues. This will also assist them in reviewing the performances of their departments, business units or projects.
Learning Objectives
  • To acquire working knowledge of  business finance to communicate effectively ·
  • To understand the framework and basic procedures for evaluating company financial performances ·
  • To formulate financial policies and performance requirements
  • To understand the financial market and investment valuation.
Target Audience
  • Business executives and business owners who need to have basic understanding of  typical business finance issues that occur in their day to day commercial activities
What am I going to get from this course?
Delivery Method
  • Self-paced online learning through the ANZI learning management system (6 months)


  • SECTION 1 :
    Certificate in Business Finance : Study Material
  • 1.1
     Business Finance - Part 1a & Introduction 
  • 1.2
    Business Finance Part 1b 
  • 1.3
    Business Finance Part 1c 
  • 1.4
    Business Finance Part 2 
  • 1.5
    Business Finance Part 3a 
  • 1.6
    Business Finance Part 3b 
  • 1.7
    Business Finance Part 4
  • 1.8
    Business Finance - Review 
  • 1.9
    ANZI - Certificate in Business Finance - v1.0
  • MCQ Exams
  • 1
    Certificate in Business Finance Proceed

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