Certificate in Board Room Finance

# Certificate in Board Room Finance

Course Content

I. Roles of directors in public companies

• Corporate governance review
• Responsibilities to stake-holders
II. Evaluation of company operating results
• Business profitability
• Corporate profitability
• Return on investment
III. Financial risk review – the company’s risk condition
• Financial structures of the corporation
• Working capital and liquidity risk
• Solvency and asset quality of company assets
IV. Financial policies and practices
• Financial structures and risks
• Working capital and liquidity policies
• Risk return and pricing for the organization
V. Evaluation of plans and investments
• Company cost of capital and the ROI
• Discounted cash flow methodology
• Risks in investments

Course Description

This course is designed as above to provide the directors with a specific focus on common top management issues that have financial implications and those that are frequently discussed as part of board room responsibilities. These issues are treated to prepare the directors to deal with them with senior management and the chief executive – the CEO, of the organization. 
In the course of fulfilling their responsibilities and roles, as well as avoid legal penalties, they need to conduct their office with appropriate understanding of the financial consequences of their decisions and their approval of issues submitted to them by the company’s chief executive and top management. without a good grasp of these issues, the board of directors may not be fulfilling their responsibilities in protecting the interests of the shareholders as well as their personal legal liabilities as officers of the company they represent.

Course requirement
Understanding basic English and allocation of 1 - 2 hours a day for learning and self - testing

Learning Objectives
• To understand the corporate environment and financial issues at the board level
• To identify financial issues for board room attention and the directors
• To make sound judgements of financial issues before approval or making decisions
• To evaluate the financial impact of those judgements at the board room level.
What am I going to get from this course?
Self-paced online learning through the ANZI learning management system for six months with ongoing self - assessment of knowledge acquisition.

Upon completion
Upon satisfactory completion of the assessment and examination, the certificate holder will have acquire a working knowledge of senior finance issues relating to the organization. This also helps develop business acumen and enhances commercial decision making of those directors from various technical disciplines such as engineering, ICT, law, and marketing.
• Review questions to check learning progress
• Online assessment upon course completion
• Certificate of learning awarded for achieving a satisfactory score

Recommended for
• Directors and members of the board of directors of public and privately held companies
• Officers of regulatory agencies such as the Securities Commission, Securities exchanges and trade associations.


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    Board Room Finance - Chapter 4 
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    Boardroom Finance - PDF - v1.0
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    Certificate in Board Room Finance

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