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Australia New Zealand Institute or ANZI, is a privately funded initiative to provide education,knowledge and skills to the underprivileged people across the world. Its primary mission is to provide people with work - based education and knowledge, and initiate work based skills for gainful employment or self – enterprise. While education, knowledge and work based skills have all become necessary for the advancement of people in our contemporary society, access remains a challenge in many communities around the world.

ANZI is an innovative learning and training institution founded to enable people of all races, religions and creed to achieve personal progress and goals in life. At ANZI, we believe knowledge and skills are essential to a better life in our modern society, no less a means of relief from poverty. At the same time individuals should have freedom of access to education with minimal handicap.

ANZI is co-sponsored by Finet Associates, Asia Finance Limited and the Australia New Zealand Institute, New South Wales. It draws on the resources and experiences of these organizations and it offers an alternative to anyone wishing to acquire work-based knowledge and skills to empower oneself for progress in business or a career. Although ANZI is based in Australia, it reaches out to the world with its resources in the best possible ways using available technology, human networks and corporate leadership. ANZI is adaptive, innovative and unconventional in its approaches to achieve its mission and goals. ANZI currently serves as the learning portal for the Australia New Zealand Institute.

It is innovative by leveraging on modern day learning resources with service delivery over the Internet and uses English which is now the working language of international business and finance. In this way ANZI delivers personal empowerment and employability to the both the disadvantaged and the discerning.


Its core values

We embrace two core values that drive our ANZI and its future. We firmly believe in human empowerment which can bring progress and a happier and fulfilling life. With empowerment individuals can practice social responsibility towards their communities and the environment they live in. In this manner the world will become a happier and sustainable place for the future. For its part, ANZI leads the way of being a socially responsible organization in promoting institutional ethical behavior, and personal integrity for peaceful coexistence.

We also believe that education and learning must be accessible to people of all walks of life, and with sincere efforts to make that a reality. Where there is a will, there is a way – the ANZI way.

Education today is a necessity for a reasonable life. Every person has the right to learn and acquire knowledge, and use it to create a better life for the individual and for the community he or she lives in. So education and learning must not elude the poor in our society. Obstacles in the quest for knowledge and learning must be minimized, or removed where possible. ANZI ONLINE is about the breaking down of barriers to education and knowledge. It seeks to empower the individual or the underprivileged person. This is the mission of ANZI ONLINE


  1. Executive education and training
  1. Work – based education
  1. Specialist skills training

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