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Certificate in Basic Credit & Lending

# Certificate in Basic Credit & Lending

Course Content

•     Principles of lending in a bank and financial institutions

  • Concept of productive lending
  • Character quality
  • Repayment prospects
  • On - going credit control
  • Credit protection Proportionate stake            
•     The 5 – C frame work in credit assessment
  • Character of the borrower
  • Condition of the borrower
  • Cash flow for payback
  • Capital and commitment
  • Collateral for protection
•     Understanding financial information
  • Information risk
  • The financial statements
  • Information verification 
•     Common financial services products
  • Short term lending products and their features
  • Long term lending products and their features 
•     Basic lending documentation
  • Loan application form
  • Letter of offer
  • Loan agreement
  • Security agreement
  • Guarantee agreement

Course Description

This course is designed for new banking executives to equip them with the initial knowledge and understanding of credit and lending in a financial institution environment.
New officers joining the credit function are expected to be prepared with working knowledge that would enable them to reduce their orientation and departmental training on credit concepts and loan processing requirements. This saves management time and resources while accelerating their work contribution in credit related work.

Course requirement
Upon satisfactory completion of the assessment and examination, the certificate holder will have acquire a working knowledge of the credit process and will be able to undertake basic loan processing duties and work responsibilities. The certificate holder will ready for duties relating to review of credit applications and loan documentation at an entry level as a credit or loan processing officer, or as a support executive in the credit function of the bank or financial institution.
Learning Objectives
  • To understand the credit and lending environment
  • To conduct a practical review of credit risk of a loan application
  • To identify information requirements for loan processing purposes
  • To understand common lending products and their features
  • To understand basic loan documentation in credit and lending.
Target Audience
New credit officers and management trainees who are designated for junior credit related roles in the credit and loans department or function

What am I going to get from this course?
Delivery Method
  • Self-paced online learning through the ANZI learning management system (6 months)
  • Online assessment
  • Certificate of attainment awarded for achieving satisfactory score


  • SECTION 1 :
    Certificate in Basic Credit & Lending : Study Material
  • 1.1
    Introduction & Principles of Lending 
  • 1.2
    The 5C frame work 
  • 1.3
    Financial information for analysis   Part 1 
  • 1.4
    Financial information for analysis   Part 2 
  • 1.5
    Common financial services products 
  • 1.6
    Basic lending documentation 
  • 1.7
    Review Questions 
  • 1.8
    Certificate in Credit and Lending - PDF - v1.0
  • MCQ Exams
  • 1
    Certificate in Basic Credit & Lending Proceed

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