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Certificate in Bookkeeping And Accounting

# Certificate in Bookkeeping & Accounting

Course Content

  • Introduction to the business
  • Bookkeeping operations
  • Bookkeeping procedures 1
  • Bookkeeping procedures 2
  • Trial balancing for accuracy
  • The final accounts and reporting
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Control accounts
  • Liabilities, provisions and reserves
  • Company accounting
  • Branch accounting
  • Partnership accounts 

Course Description

This course is designed for the learner to acquire practical knowledge on bookkeeping and accounting with the ability to maintain a set of accounting records for audit and financial reporting.  Accounting and bookkeeping is a key part of the administration of a business and the possession of this knowledge and ability to perform accounting duties would enable the learner to perform the role as an effective office administrator or an accounting officer.

Course requirement
Upon completion the student will have acquired a working knowledge of bookkeeping procedures and operations of the accounting process in a medium sized organization. The successful student will be issued a Certificate in Bookkeeping and Accounting upon satisfactory completion of an assessment of knowledge and application ability. This certification also provides a foundation for further skills development with working experience and studies.
Learning Objectives
  • To acquire an understanding of bookkeeping and accounting in business.
  • To understand the bookkeeping procedures and determine their accuracy.
  • To understand how to keep the required accounting records for audit and tax purposes To prepare the income statement and business balance sheet
Target Audience
  • Executives and graduates from non accounting disciplines seeking employment opportunities in the commercial sector.
  • Working executives seeking career advancement to middle management positions in their organizations
  • entrepreneurs and business owners who wish administer their businesses in a more efficient way and able to communicate with their banking executives and financial advisors
    What am I going to get from this course?
    • Self-paced online learning through the ANZI learning management system (6 months)

    • Online assessment
    • Certificate of attainment awarded for achieving satisfactory score


    • SECTION 1 :
      Certificate in Bookkeeping & Accounting
    • 1.1
      CBA - Part 1  Introductions  
    • 1.2
      CBA - Part 2 
    • 1.3
      CBA - Part 3 
    • 1.4
      CBA - Part 4 
    • 1.5
      CBA - Part 5 
    • 1.6
      CBA - Part 6 
    • 1.7
      CBA - Part 7 
    • 1.8
      CBA - Part 8
    • 1.9
      CBA - Part 9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
      Certificate in Bookkeeping And Accounting
    • MCQ Exams
    • 1
      Certificate in Bookkeeping And Accounting

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